M&R Hydraulics are the UK stockist, distribution and service centre for the full range of HY-PRO high-performance filtration products, since 2005.

The HY-PRO range of hydraulic rigs and lubrication filters from M&R offers higher efficiency, cleaner results and longer system component life than conventional ISO16889 accredited equivalents. All Hy-Pro filters have undergone dynamic filtration efficiency (DFE) testing, the highest existing method for measuring hydraulic and lubrication filter performance.

Because of our extensive experience in hydraulic filtration we are perfectly suited to advise on the best solutions for your particular application.

Hy-Pro Filtration Pocket Guide

Fluid conditioning Equipment

Maintaining proper fluid condition with Hy-Pro advanced filtration equipment is made easy with tailored solutions depending on which contaminant your process produces.

Diesel Filter Housings and Systems

Remove water and particulates to extend fuel injector life and increase combustion engine fuel efficiency.

Fluid handing and Storage

Begin filtration and contain contamination before it ever enters your plant to protect your equipment and your bottom line.

Offline Filter Systems

Bigger isn’t always better. The Compact Filter Unit provides you with the best filtration at a size you can take anywhere. 

Varnish and Acid Scavenging Systems

A complete solution for trouble-free EHC operation using phosphate ester fluids. 

Water Removal Systems

Remove harmful particulates, water contamination and achieve target ISO Codes faster with the COT.

World-Class Filtration Media

We are the UK official distributor for Hy-Pro advanced filters & have access to over 500,000 DFE rated filter element interchanges & upgrades for all major filter manufacturers & OEM’s.

Dynamic Filter Efficiency

Filter Element Upgrades


Stainless steel fibre media.


Varnish & acid removal.


Non-spark discharge media.

Turbo TOC Upgrades

Water Removal Media

Cellulose to Glass

Filter Assemblies

DFN low pressure & DFH high pressure Duplex Filter Assemblies for critical systems where filtration is required without interruption and constant pressures & flows needs to be maintained.

Duplex Filter Assemblies


in-tank assemblies


Low pressure assemblies

F8, LF(M), LFW & S75-76

medium pressure assemblies

MF-3, MF90-110 & S409


PF2, PF4, PFH, PFHB, PFH14-55-167 & PFH62

M&R Hydraulics

M&R Hydraulics have been providing hydraulic solutions & support services for a multitude of clients’ for over 30 years.

cylinder re-manufacture

Our fully equipped workshops contain all the equipment to safely dismantle and inspect a multitude of cylinder sizes of 11+ meters (closed) & a max diameter of 1 meter.

Hydraulic Cylinder Re-furbishment

Our investment in precision engineering machines means we can provide a complete manufacturing service for hydraulic pistons, rods and cylinder tubes of all makes. 

bespoke cylinders

Our bespoke cylinders from customer drawings service works with the customer to identify the suitability of materials used depending upon intended usage.

24/7 Mobile Hose Van Service

24 Hour emergency hose service

Our skilled and experienced hydraulics engineers are available at short notice, 24 hours a day, to provide an on-site emergency hydraulics parts and mobile repair service.

Maintenance of Hydraulic Components

maintenance of hydraulic components

Our skilled and experienced hydraulics engineers are available at short notice, to provide an on-site hydraulic component maintenance activities.

Official distributor of larzep products

Larzep are leading manufacturers of reliable and competitively priced high-pressure hydraulic tools.

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