Filter Elements

A filter is not a black hole. Two key characteristics of a filter performance are capture efficiency and retention efficiency. Capture efficiency can be thought of simply as how effectively a filter captures particles while retention efficiency is a measure off how effectively that filter retains the particles it has captured.

If not properly designed and applied a filter can become one of the most damaging sources of contamination in a system if it releases previously captured particles when challenged with dynamic conditions.:-

Hypro Filters

Filter Elements

M&R Hydraulics are the UK official distributor for Hy-Pro advanced filters & have access to over 500,000 DFE rated filter element interchanges & upgrades for all major filter manufacturers & OEM’s.

Dynamic Filter Efficiency

DFE matches filter testing with real-life conditions

All hydraulic and lube systems have a critical contamination tolerance level that is often defined by, but not limited to, the most sensitive system components such as servo valves or high-speed journal bearings. 

Filter Element Upgrades

Hy-Pro filter element upgrades delivers the highest capture and retention efficiencies (Bx( c) ≥ 4000) through advanced DFE rated element media and the removal of particles, water and oxidation byproducts, making HyPro elements the one component in your critical systems that saves you money.

Cellulose to Glass Upgrades

Organic cellulose fibres can be unpredictable in size and effective useful life, while inorganic glass fibers are much more uniform in diameter and much smaller than cellulose fibers.


Filter elements to power generation and other fire-esistant fluid applications.

Dynafuzz is ideal for long term exposure to aggressive fluids such as phosphate ester, Skydrol, De-ionised water and high temperature applications where traditional glass media binders can degrade leading to media migration.


Hy-Pro NSD elements & media technology is optimized to prevent spark discharge & minimize potential energy in bearing lubrication & hydraulic control systems.

NSD elements prevent oil degradation caused by thermal events associated with element spark discharge to extend fluid life & prevent anti-oxidant additive depletion.

Turbo TOC Upgrades

Hy-Pro filter element upgrades for Kaydon Turbo-TOC conditioning skip element sets. Complete filter element sets including pre-filter, coalesce, separator and post-filter polishing elements.

Elements that go beyond industry standard. DFE rated elements perform true to rating even under demanding variable flow and vibration conditions.


While offering best in class acid and varnish removal, ICB™ filter elements significantly reduce production losses and resolve servo-valve issues by eliminating the contamination responsible for sticking or sluggish valves.

Conventional acid filters cannot remove this contamination and are also significant contributors of harmful metals and fine particulate. IBC filters eliminate these key issues and direct maintenance to where it matters most.

water removal media

G8 Dualglass media with water removal scrim.

Media code “A” specifies G8 Dualglass media co-depleted with water removal scrim to produce a filter that can remove water while maintaining Bx (c) ≥ 4000 efficiency down to 1µ/2.5µ  to 5µ (c). Available for all spin cartridge style filter elements.

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